DEA Policy Statement and Proposed Rule re: "Prescription Series"

23 October 2001
  • A Joint Statement from 21 Health Organizations and the Drug Enforcement Administration - "Promoting Pain Relief and Preventing Abuse of Pain Medications: A Critical Balancing Act"

31 January 2003
  • Prescribing clarification from DEA; response to Heit and Joranson inquiry:  
    From time to time there are questions that physicians and pharmacists have about how federal controlled substances requirements pertain to specific situations, the answers to which may not be readily apparent in federal regulations. Recently, Dr. Howard Heit and David Joranson asked DEA for clarification about the practice of writing more than one prescription for a controlled substance at a time for a patient to cover an extended period of treatment. DEA provided its response, which can be accessed below.

4 October 2004
  • PPSG receives letter from DEA requesting removal of FAQ from their website

6 October 2004
  • PPSG issues news alert regarding removal of FAQ from website

  • DEA subsequently posts a statement of explanation on their website (no longer available)
26 October 2004
  • Russell Portenoy, Steven Passik, and David Joranson respond to the DEA

16 November 2004
  • DEA issues Federal Register w/ section (IPS) pertaining to the FAQ withdrawal (no longer available)
24 November 2004
  • PPSG responds to the DEA;s Interim Policy Statement (IPS)

18 January 2005
  • DEA issues "Solicitation on Comments on Dispensing of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain"

11 March 2005
  • PPSG's Response to DEA's Solicitation of Comments

26 August 2005
  • DEA issues "Clarification of Existing Requirements Under the Controlled Substances Act for Prescribing Schedule II Controlled Substances"

6 September 2006
  • "Dispensing Controled Substances for the Treatment of Pain; DEA Notice"

  • "Issuance of Multiple Prescriptions for Schedule II Controlled Substances; DEA Notice of proposed rulemaking"
22 March 2007
  • Continuing Concerns About DEA's "Prescription Series" Proposal (commentary from Gilson and Joranson)

19 November 2007
  • DEA issues Federal Register with "Issuance of Multiple Prescriptions for Schedule II Controled Substances" regulation

4 December 2007
  • Is the DEA's New "Prescription Series" Regulation Balanced?