Serbia and Montenegro (historical)

Competent National Authority(2)

As of 3 June 2006, Montenegro became recognized by the World Health Organization as an independent country.  For 2006 information on opioid consumpt​ion data, please see the Country Profiles of both Montenegro and Serbia.

Consumption Data At-A-Glance

Table below shows the most recent consumption data available in milligrams per capita and morphine equivalence (ME) milligrams per capita, as reported to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). To see all consumption data available from 1980 to present, click on the drug name in the table.

ME mg/capita
Fentanyl -- --
Hydromorphone -- --
Methadone -- --
Morphine -- --
Oxycodone -- --
Pethidine -- --
Total Morphine Equivalence

(--) indicates no report for most current year

WHO Region
Single Convention 1961
As Amended 1961/72

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