Ten Fellows selected for 2012 International Pain Policy Fellowship

The Pain & Policy Studies Group (PPSG) / World Health Organization Collaborating Center is very pleased to announce the selection of ten Fellows for its Cohort III International Pain Policy Fellowship (IPPF) program.

Media views of US opioid access for pain management!


Weddings, vacations, reports, grants, meetings including the excitement of a well attended Palliative Care side event at the World Health Assembly have passed and it is time to get back to this blog more regularly. I thought I would review some links from over the first half of the year that tweeked my interest as it relates to PPSG’s work.

“A way to provide palliative care Globally” #hpmglobal comments on Richard Smith’s BMJ Blog

On June 25th, Richard Smith former editor of the BMJ and still a regular blogger in that journal wrote of  his participation at a Royal Society of Medicine conference. Richard quoted speakers who included colleagues Scott Murray, David Praill, Barbara Gomes and Ann Merriman as to the lack of palliative care and pain relief in most countries.